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About Me

Yup, it's just me here. One person designing and hand crafting every item I sell. I do occasionally convince my hubby to do a post office run for me, or help me move boxes of supplies around, but other than that I'm doing all the work.

So you can be assured that everything for sale on this site is 100% hand made by just me. I don't buy or use pre-made stuff. Within reason - I'm not mining ore and smelting metal and cutting glass to make things like the hair clips or rhinestones that get attached to the things I make. But I like to maintain control over every step in the process that I can reasonably control. So I'm not even buying pre-lined hair clips or pre-cut circles of felt. And if I start using pre-made pieces, I'll mention it in the description of the item. And if you ever have a question about this, please feel free to contact me.