Layered pink and white floral bow

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This pink and white bow features grosgrain, satin and lace ribbon layers. It measures about 4.5" across and comes on a 3.2" / 80mm barrette.

This is a one-of-a-kind Bows Bellissima Originals product. Every part of this bow was handcrafted by me. Products in my Originals line are designed and made entirely by me; I don't use any pre-made pieces, and I make my own templates. 


Please note that I make every effort to ensure that all parts of my bows are sewn and glued securely. But life happens - things can get get dropped, bumped, thrown, stepped on, even chewed on, and small parts can come loose or fall off and present a choking hazard. So please supervise little ones wearing hair accessories, especially those with bling.