Pink and White Layered Satin and Lace Bow with Rhinestone

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This white, light pink and hot pink bow has 4 stacked layers of satin and lace with a large rhinestone on top. This large bow is about 5" wide and comes attached to a 50mm/2" barrette that's lined with satin ribbon. 

I cut and hand stitched the individual bows for each layer, then glued them together and added the barrette and embellishment. Every Bows Bellissima Originals piece is something I personally crafted by hand with care and attention to detail. 


I make every effort to ensure that all parts of my bows are sewn and/or glued securely. But you never know when a bow might get dropped, bumped, thrown, stepped on, or chewed on, and small parts could come loose or fall off and present a choking hazard. So please supervise little ones wearing hair accessories, especially those with bling.