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Unicorn Headband Teal Velvet Horn with Dark Aqua and Teal Flowers

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This Bellissima Originals unicorn headband is completely handcrafted. I made the horn, ears, and flowers, and I even made the matching satin cover for the headband. This premium unicorn is completely unique, very different from the ones made using pre-made parts. 
This headband features a unique selvedge flower in the center, which I made using the edge of the fabric, a part often thrown away or hidden in a seam allowance. But many fabrics have fantastic seam allowances that are fringe-y or frayed or fuzzy and have a wonderfully fun look to them.
You can be a unicorn at any age. So whether this is for a special little girl, or a cosplayer, for a birthday or Ren Fest or Halloween, this one-of-a-kind headband is a real stand out!